Skin Care Routine – Cleansing

Philosophy product and face cloth

Happy Monday everyone! To follow up on my post a few weeks ago about foundation and concealer I thought I would blog about my current skin care routine. As I had mentioned in my Foundation Problems post, I don’t use foundation and I rarely use concealer. I think a large part of why these products aren’t necessary for me is due to my skin care routine.

To be honest I don’t use a face cleanser everyday. I use it every second day when I wash my hair and I think that unless you have oily skin using a cleanser everyday can be very drying. Another problem is that often times people will not wash off all of their cleanser. This can actually cause additional breakouts and sensitivity. However, ever since I was little I have been using a face cloth every morning and night to wash my face. Using a face cloth provides a gentle exfoliation and I find that it works to remove any product residue much better than just splashing water on your face.

Philosophy product and face cloth

After I finish washing my face, I rinse out my towel in hot water and hang it to dry. I don’t suggest washing your face towels with detergent because any left over residue will end up on your skin and cause irritation. The type of face towels I use are shown above. I usually buy mine my Mongkok in Hong Kong because they’re super cheap but almost any type should do.

When I do use a face cleanser, I go all out. I exfoliate, I cleanse, I clarisonic. It’s a good time. But of course, I always take off all my makeup before I cleanse and sleep at night. I use a variety of makeup removers so I don’t really have a preference but make sure you remove makeup gently to avoid tugging on your skin.

I’m a big fan of Philosophy products and every few weeks I use the Microdelivery: In-Home Vitamin C Peptide Peel. I don’t have any fine lines just yet but I’ve read many reviews saying that this product really helps to reduce their appearance. That being said, this product does make my skin super smooth. As well, the vitamin C is brightening so it’s great for sun damage and replenishing your skin.


In the shower, I use the Microdelivery Daily Exfoliation Wash by Philosophy and then the Purity Cleanser by Philosophy with my Clarisonic. I haven’t actually noticed much change to my skin from the microdermabrasion scrub so I probably will not repurchase it. However, it doesn’t irritate or break out my skin so if you have rough patches I think this product will work well for you. It’s gentle enough to use everyday and you don’t need to use a cleanser afterwards.

Clarisonic Mia

Although, I you don’t have to use a cleanser afterwards, I use my purity cleanser because it makes my skin feel less dry. I absolutely love the Purity cleanser because it’s extremely gentle and doesn’t make my skin feel tight and dry like other cleansers. I use this with my Clarisonic for extra exfoliation and to clean my pores even more thoroughly.

And also if you looked closely at my photos you’ll be able to see that the name of the scrubs have changed since I purchased them. A little of these products go a long way, so don’t worry about investing in these cleansers!

I think that by adopting a solid skin regimen it’ll help with any acne or hyper pigmentation you may have. Therefore, you’ll need to use less products and gain confidence in your skin. I’ll be posting my moisturizing routine soon. Until then, have a good week!

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