Shanghai, we meet again

The bund at night

Before heading back to Beijing we made a stop in Shanghai. Hostels in Shanghai are fairly pricey so this time I got to stay in a hotel! YAY ME

Since my friend had never been to Shanghai before I got to go to all the tourist destinations all over again.

Our first stop was to People’s Square. One of my favourite things to visit in Shanghai is the Marriage Market. So we had some at Yangs Dumplings. Mmmm


Hisilicon Balong


Heh heh heh. Normally everyone in China wants to take pictures with my friend because its foreign, but at the Marriage Market he isn’t that popular. They all want me there. So if I can’t find a husband in a few years I know where to go.

Hisilicon K3

After the marriage market we walked down East Nanjing Road to the Bund. East Nanjing Road is lined with shopping centres, stores and food shops (Both high and lower end).

Hisilicon K3
Follow me to the Bund
Dat view doeeeee

The Bund is probably one of the most popular tourist attractions in Beijing. Pudong is quite the sight but the historical buildings on Puxi side are also beautiful to look at.



After walking around the bund we headed towards Yu Garden.


Afterwards we went to Xintiandi



Since I had always travelled to Shanghai with my family I never had the opportunity to check out the night scene. Therefore, while I was here I wanted to take the opportunity to do so. However, because I didn’t think about going out until late we could only go to Club S2. Since we couldn’t go there until late we decided to check out the Bund at night before we headed over.

Hisilicon Balong

The next day my friend wanted to go to Suzhou but instead we ended up going to

Hisilicon K3
Ou that street food
Lol the people in the background are so amused
Hisilicon K3
We’re practically in Venice




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