Scrapbook Paper Containers DIY


Scrapbook paper containers!!!

These containers are perfect for storing small items and allow you to reuse old containers that may not be the most visually appealing. I think they’re the perfect size for cotton pads, buttons or any other small items.

Here’s what you need:

Clean Jar (preferably glass)
Scrapbooking Paper
Glue or Tape

1. Using the jar, place it on the scrapbook paper and roll it on the paper to measure the circumference. With the pencil, make markings for the height and circumference of the jar

2. Using the ruler create a rectangle using the markings from the previous step.

3. Cut out the rectangle with the scissors

4. Using glue or tape, secure the scrapbooking paper to the jar

5. TADA! The jar is complete. If you want to decorate it further, you can spray paint the lid to your desired colour

Perfect size for come cotton pads


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