How to Remove a Tan

How to Remove a Tan

Im bringing pastey back (don’t judge me).

I know, I know. Most people strive to get that bronze glow all summer long. But I’m not like them. Noooopeee.

I accidentally bought whitening body wash while I was in China. But I don’t think it worked

I like maintaining pastey all year round (the Asian beauty ideal). So after visiting Hainan, Thailand, Vietnam, I came back a little more tanned than I would have liked (which was ideally not tan at all).

As I’m almost back to my normal colour, I thought I would share some of my tips and tricks for removing a tan.


This is my #1 tip for removing a tan faster. By exfoliating, you remove dead skins cells and encourage the regeneration of new skin cells. Therefore, this helps you to become pastey once again! YAY

In order to do this I suggest that you use exfoliating gloves, a shower puff or a loofah to scrub your body. I especially like this back scrubber because it allows you to get to reach touch areas like your upper and mid back As well, exfoliating body washes such as this one from Kiehl’s or this one from Olay can help and is super moisturizing.

However, don’t use this stuff on your face. It’s much too harsh. Instead I suggest using a clarisonic or a face exfoliator (super gentle) for your face. You can see how I use this things in my highly cinematic and embarrassing skin care routine video.

Plus if you have the Clarisonic for body you can purchase a body brush extension handle to get everywhereeee.

Face Masks

There are a lot of whitening face masks on the market, but apparently some of the chemicals in these masks can cause you to turn darker eventually or cause discolouration. So why not make your own natural ask mask instead. There are tons of home face masks posted on the internet. And if you want to read about my DIY brightening lemon face mask and tomato scrub click here.

Don’t Forget to:


Moisturizing your skin goes hand in hand with exfoliating. Since you remove a layer of dead skin your new skin is exposed to the elements. Therefore, it’s important to keep your skin moisturized as this will promote skill regeneration. I find this lotion to be highly moisturizing and it smells amazing too (like almonds and vanilla)

Stay out of the sun!

This one is self explanatory. If you want to return to your former shade make sure to not expose yourself to any more damaging rays.

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    Great tricks for removing a tan Darling !

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    Good tips! Thanks for sharing. Gemma xx

    1. Thank you! I’m happy to help!

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    Good to know in case I make a self-tanning mistake. 😉

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