hair dye mistake

Sometimes I decide to YOLO a little too hard.

Before my dad went back to Canada he left me a nice sum of money to use for food and travelling. However, I decided that I’d just use a little bit of it to dye my hair. But I guess that the hair dying gods knew I was disobeying. So instead of a blonde balayage I ended up becoming a fiery orange head.


As such, I came up with a new rule. I call it the NEVER EVER EVER DYE YOUR HAIR IN CHINA RULE. What does it entail you ask? Never ever ever dye your hair in China. However, if you do you probably shouldn’t be dumb like me and go to a place where they know the language you speak and have eyes so they can tell from the picture what you want instead of doing their own thing. Because if you don’t you WILL end up with patchy orange hair.

It was much worse in real life

It turns out that orange hair is a common problem when lightening dark hair. So I don’t feel so bad about it anymore. After some hardcore hair washing and conditioning my hair faded to a decent brownish/copper hue. But I wouldn’t try this again.

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  1. Erica says: Reply

    I like it! I know it probably was a big change for you and like you said looks different in person but from the picture I think it looks pretty 🙂 I’m glad things are evening out for you and hey, at least you can say you tried it once! lol


    1. Thank you! haha huge difference but it’s definitely toned down. Mhm! Maybe next time i’ll try a different colour haha

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