Even though you shouldn’t dye your hair in China, the same cannot be said for NAYOSSS. If you check on my previous post on growing your nails you may be able to tell how obsessed I am with my nails and how much time I spend maintaining them.

Gel Nails
My Cinderella nails. I didn’t notice that the polish for these nails were 168 kuai. So even though I got a discount on these nails they still ended up costing 148 kuai. However, I absolutely loved them.

The really nice thing about getting your nails done in China is you get free removal. As well, the place I went to had a warranty that allowed you to get your nails redone if they chipped within 10 days.


Since getting your nails done in China is much cheaper than in Canada, I changed my polish 3 weeks later before my trip to Hainan. Just look at those gel nails.


The picture above shows my nails almost 5 weeks after I got them done. You can really se the colour change and the extreme nail growth that occurred during that time. Since I had exams before I left for my trip to Korea/Japan/Thailand I didn’t have time to get my nails redone. Therefore, they got excessive.  So it was one of the first items on my to do list once I got back.

For this manicure I added a small crystal bow. It cost 10 Kuai

Unfortunately, while I was on my trip my nails started to get dry and I actually tore two of my nails slightly. However, when I got them redone my manicurist did not repair them so my nails were quite fragile. I suggest that you choose lighter colour gel polishes if your nails are weak because they will have to apply extra layers. Therefore, your nails will be stronger.


Since my nails were breaking I returned back to bare nails. After getting my nails done three times, they became very weak and pale so I though it would be best to let them breath. It’s been about 3 months since I stopped wearing gel polish and my nails have returned back to normal. But serious damage was done to my nail beds for a while due to my weak nails. My nail beds receeded and that is honestly the worst.



Lastly, for anyone who likes to forego makeup on a regular basis, eyelash extensions are the best. The glue that holds them is super strong and didn’t irritate my eyes at all. These took over 5 weeks to fully fall out and made my morning routine a lot simpler. Additionally, in China you can get these for around $25 dollars. Such a steal when you compare them to the prices we pay in North America.

So if you are in China and feel like getting pretty make sure to get your nails and eyelashes done because it is soo worth it.

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