Mui Ne


After Da Lat we took an early bus to Mui Ne and arrived by lunch. The drive from Da Lat to Mui Ne is suppose to be beautiful but I slept most of the way there.


The ride to Mui Ne was very bumpy. I almost hit my head on the bus ceiling multiple times. Pretty dangerous stuff. But I felt bad for my friend because those buses are not made for anyone over 5’8”. Along the way we took a break at a rest stop. The washroom here were unreal. The guys washroom had a nice view of the river. I think the urinal tube probably just flowed down that stream.


My friend kept listening to this song on our trip. He loves history so I feel like this really set the mood for him

Vietnam is a strange place for buses. There are no real bus stations and the buses pick you up from your hostel/hotel. So when we arrived in Mui Ne we were dropped off at a random tourist agency. We had purchased a ticket from Da Lat –> Mui Ne –> Ho Chi Minh City at our hostel in Da Lat for only $13 USD. But unfortunately it was booked for the incorrect time so we had to sort everything out when we got there. It’s a good thing I kept our hostel’s business card because the travel agency was able to call them to clear everything up. So kids, remember to keep all your contact information just in case.

After sorting out our bus situation we booked a Mui Ne tour from the agency. We were given the option of a group tour or individual tour for several dollars more per person. We choose the group tour and ended up getting an individual tour anyways. I guess there weren’t many tourists in Mui Ne that day.

I bought a coconut to drink from this lady.

We had some time to spare before our tour started so we ventured off to the beach and sat on some reclining chairs. The sun in Mui Ne is exceptionally strong so the sand was hottttt. I had to run to the water to cool down. You can surf and parasail on the beach as well, but we didn’t have time for those activities


Our tourmobile, an old school jeep. No seatbelts, no windows, and 2 extra seats in the trunk.


Our first stop was the Fairy Springs. When we arrived another tour guide gave us instructions to walk down the stream for ~4 minutes. Worst instructions ever. We had no idea what to do. But we kept walking and passed by an ostrich riding farm on our way. Too bad there weren’t any ostriches in sight that day or I might have tried. After around 4 minutes we saw some other people down the stream so we figured we were on the right track. It turned out we were at the Fairy Spring because my friend recognized it from pictures he had seen online. The sand here was super orange and the water was very nice on that hot day.


After the Fairy Springs we were taken to a Fishermen’s Village. I would have included pictures here but it honestly was not that nice. It was super dirty and there were a million flies everywhere.

However, I really liked the White Sand Dunes. The White Sand Dunes were vast and quite empty. Which is perfect for picture taking.


While at the White Sand Dunes we were able to rent ATVs for 300,000 Dong for 20 minutes. For someone who still is unable to drive a car it was great. I got sand in my mouth and hair and I definitely got at least 1 shade darker while drifting around. Unfortunately, even on an ATV I am still a bad driver. The dunes were fairly steep so my ATV got stuck multiple times. I was especially afraid because my friend said that ATVs sometimes tip over. But it was super fun.

After the white sand dunes we were taken to the Red Sand Dunes. Before we could leave a tour guide asked us if 4 others could join our car. Of course we said yes. When they entered they told us that their tour guide wasn’t registered and couldn’t drive them because police were patrolling the streets. But their tour was only $3 USD ($2 USD cheaper than ours)



The Red Sand Dunes were also super nice. The sand was similar to the colour of the sand at the Fairy Springs. I think that these Dunes must have been much closer to the hostels in Mui Ne because they were much busier and filled with young tourists.



At the Red Sand Dunes you are able to rent toboggan sheets to slide down the dunes but we decided to take pictures instead. Since the sun was going down we were able to take some pretty cool shots.


Once we got back to the tour agency we walked around to find a good deal on motorbikes. We ended up renting them from a grocery shop down the street. Don’t forget to bargain in Vietnam!


After almost falling off my motorcycle and not being able to read a odometer correctly (I thought we went like 20 km when we actually only went 2, I was seriously wondering why the distance seemed to go by so fast) we decided to return the bikes back to the grocery store. Who knew what a clutch was? Not me.

Since we planned to take an overnight sleeper bus to Ho Chi Minh City we didn’t book a hostel for Mui Ne. So instead we entered one of the 5 star resorts to clean up. We got very lucky that the hotel we went to had a shower in the bathroom. So we were able to take a very necessary shower. I used a hand towel as a scrubber for my shower and it was completely grey afterwards. Being sweaty and rolling around in sand makes you like a sponge for dirt.


After returning to the travel agency to pick up our bags we were pointed to the “bus station” which happened to be a cafe/hotel and boarded out sleeper bus (however, not before getting some pho). The sleeper bus was great. It was a lot cleaner than I expected and the bus cradled me to sleep like a baby. Although, like the mini bus that drove us to Mui Ne, it is not made for tall people.


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