Mount Huangshan - Sea of Clouds

Mount Huangshan is located in Anhui Province and is about a 4 hour bus ride from Hangzhou or a 6 hour bus ride from Shanghai. Since it isn’t located close to any of the major metropolitan cities it is not the most convenient place to get to.

A sea of clouds – look at all those tourists

To get to Mount Huangshan we took a bus from Hangzhou West to Tangkou. My friend searched this up beforehand on Wikitravel. There are actually two cities you can stay at to get to Mount Huangshan: Tangkou and Huangshan City (Tunxi). If you aren’t planning to stay on top of the mountain or are taking the bus, I would suggest that you stay in Tangkou because it is the main point of access for the mountain and is much much closer than Huangshan City. However, Tangkou is very small (the whole city can be easily accessed on foot) so it was good that we arrived late in the day as there is not much to do there.  (Just remember than Huangshan and Huangshan Scenic Area are two different places and you want to  go to the scenic area for the mountain)

Furthermore, I suggest you book the hotel online first. Once you get to Tangkou you will be dropped off at a random hotel and they will try to charge you high prices to stay there. There will likely be an english speaking worker at the hotel so speak with them to get directions on how to get to the mountain.

Our hotel was super nice and drove us to the National Express Shuttle Bus stop. From here you have to purchase a shuttle ticket to get to the entrance of the mountain where you can choose to either take a gondola up or hike up the mountain

Since it is one of the most famous mountains in China it is packed with tourists. So make sure to arrive early to avoid lines and crowds.

We choose to take the gondola up because we didn’t have much time on the mountain. We booked tickets to Shanghai at 6pm (the last bus of the day) through our hotel. So we had to make it back on time


Most of the time the mountain is completely foggy. However, when the wind comes you can get a spectacular view of the mountain



The following spots are some of the main highlights of Mount Huangshan: Lotus Peak (closed when we went), Fair-walking Bridge, Cloud-dispelling Pavillion, the loops north of Xihai Grand Canyon, Beginning to Believe Peak and White Goose Ridge.

Top of Peaks

We wanted to walk down the Western Steps but due to our time constraint we weren’t able to. Instead we explored the top of the mountain and visited many of the scenic areas before taking the gondola back down.

Follow me to Mount Huangshan

We made it down with time to spare and visited the bakery near our hotel to grab some snacks for dinner. If you are looking for cooked food there are many small restaurants along the canal to choose from as well.

After visiting both Mount Huashan and Mount Huangshan I can definitely say these mountains are quite spectacular. They are so different from the mountains I am used to in Canada (I only live about an hour away from the Rocky Mountains) but I guess that is what makes travelling so special.

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