Hangzhou - west lake

Halfway through my semester at Tsinghua I my course load got a lot lighter. I had finished two of my courses so I only had 2 or 3 days of classes each week. Therefore, I had a lot of time to travel.


My friend wanted to visit Mount Huangshan so we decided to fly into Hangzhou and tour around the West Lake first. We stayed at a hostel that was super close to the West Lake. Our hostel provided us with bike to rent for the day. After riding my super cheap bike around Tsinghua these bikes were unbelievable. The wheels turned so smoothly and effortlessly. I felt like I was flying.


West Lake is huge and there are many locations around the lake where you can wander around. So we ended up parking our bike many times to walk around and view all demm trees and water.


Hangzhou probably had some of the best food that I had in China. Super cheap too (and we got free tofu)! Grandma’s Home and Green Tea are two popular restaurants from this city. Both have locations near West Lake. For lunch we visited a mall with a Grandma’s Home restaurant. Since the location we went didn’t have an English menu we had to use online review to help us order. However, I was highly satisfied. We ended up ordering noodles, tons of meat and some of their extremely cheap dishes. So good! nom nom nom nom nom

I love climbing things

West lake has multiple causeways with one of the most famous being the Su causeway. We rode our bikes along the causeway and stopped along the way to take pictures and climb trees.


After biking all around West Lake all day we wanted to check out Leifeng Pagoda at Sunset which is one of the 10 scenes of the West Lake.


We had dinner at Green Tea which is located practically beside the West Lake. There was a long line, but it went by very quickly because the restaurant is huge. I was super grateful that this restaurant had an english menu so we could order easily. We got nian gao (rice cake), honey toast, eggplant, potato, tea chicken, and bread. Mmmm so good. Definitely one of my favourite meals in China.


The next day before we had to catch our bus to Tangkou we visited the Tea Museum.Here we learned about the different teas that are produced in China and the methods of producing them. The museum was placed on a huge garden with several tea houses. So there were tons of plants which made it a pleasure to walk around.


The rows are so straight

After this we made our way to the bus station to catch our bus for Mount Huangshan. With a bag of wolf berries and a couple snacks for the way we were prepared for our 4 hour ride there.

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    I’m so jealous of your travels! I need to get to Asia!
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    1. Thank you Signe! You should definitely visit, it’s absolutely amazing. I had the best time 🙂

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