Foundation Problems


A huge problem the world is facing right now is the caking and flaking foundation epidemic. Now I know there are far worse things in the world, but I think that self-confidence in your appearance is important for everyone to have.

To be fair, I’ve never had acne and so I probably don’t understand the difficulties that many people face, but I think that poorly applied foundation and concealer can often accentuate pimples even more.

Most people are often interested in short term gains, instead of long term rewards. Using foundation to cover up acne is an example of this in my opinion. When you have acne, your skin needs to breath and although products may say “Non-comedogenic” (meaning they won’t clog pores) it doesn’t mean that piling on layers of product won’t affect your skin.

For people with acne prone skin, I think the best solution is to see your dermatologist or to adopt a regular skin routine to clean and moisturize your face. But, if you need to use foundation try to use a tinted moisturizer instead to even out your skin tone. As well before you apply anything, use a good moisturizer, I suggest one with salicylic acid (which helps to exfoliate and clear pores) and benzoyl peroxide (helps to kill bacteria). This will help keep your skin clear. Don’t forget to wash off all your makeup before you sleep (using a toner can help remove residue) and use sunscreen!

Foundation + Pimples

 Figure 1: When y’all try to hide pimples

Since I don’t use foundation, I’ll be uploading my skin cleansing routine and hopefully it’ll be helpful if you have been looking for new products. – J

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