DIY Memory Board

Photo Board

I go to school in a small town and so I found it very hard to find a present for my boyfriend because there isn’t much available. Therefore, I opted to make my own gift for Valentine’s Day. Now I know Valentine’s Day was quite a while ago but I think this is a suitable gift for any time and makes a cute decorative item.

Photo Board


Bulletin Board
Scrapbooking Paper
Acrylic Paint
Paintbrushes or Sponge
Hot Glue Gun and Gluesticks
Stapler and Staples
Mini Clothing Pins
Decorative Wire
Round Metal Thumbtacks


1. Paint the frame of the bulletin board with the acrylic paint colour of your choice. Let the frame dry and do a second coat

2. Staple scrapbooking paper to the bulletin board to cover the cork and prepare a base for the tulle to cover. This step is optional but because the tulle is translucent, placing paper that matches your tulle underneath will likely look better than the brown cork. Don’t worry about the cracks between the paper. The tulle will cover up the gaps well. I used a sparkly silver paper but you can choose any colour

3. Loosely begin to lay the tulle material inside the frame of the bulletin board. Staple the tulle as each end and where necessary to make sure no material is free

4. Layer until the desired amount of tulle has been stapled down. Cut the material and hide the end by tucking it under the layers

5. Create a lattice on your photoboard using ribbon. I found this part to be the most complicated. In order to make a nice lattice tape down the ribbon first so you can still move it. Then you can adjust the ribbon to make sure that the lattice is evenly spaced

6. Use a hot glue gun to glue the ribbon in place. You can staple the ribbon down also to make it more secure

7. Place the metal thumbtacks at each point where the ribbon crosses each other

8. Since I made this photoboard for Valentine’s Day, I used decorative heart wire to hang the photos off of but you can you any sturdy wire. Staple down the wire to the board and try to hide the staple by placing the end of the wires under a layer of tulle

9. Cut out scrapbooking paper large enough to border your photos and punch a hole at the top

10. String ribbon through the hole and hang on the photoboard using the mini clothing pins

Optional: You can create bows with the ribbon and decorate your clothing pins or pictures

I hope you enjoyed this DIY. As you can tell by my pictures I didn’t really plan on posting this, but hopefully the photos are clear. It’s actually a lot easier to make than it looks 🙂

– J

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