DIY – Jewelry Stand

Jewelry Stand

I love DIY anything because they’re so much fun to make and they’re customizable to your own preferences. So today I thought I’d share my love of crafts with you all in this simple tutorial post.

For my first DIY post I thought I’d start out with a DIY that is super quick and easy to do: THE DIY JEWELRY STAND!!!!!

Decorative Rocks (or any kind of stone that you prefer)
Decorative Round Glass Pebbles (optional)
A Vase
Tree Branches
Acrylic Paint or Spray Paint(optional)

Materials for DIY Jewelry Stand

 To create this jewelry stand you can use old items lying around your house like I did or go to any craft store or dollar store to find most of these items.

 Step 1: Go outside and cut several branches that will be used to hang your jewelry from. You can paint these branches if you want to change their colour.

Step 2: Gather your rocks, decorative pebbles (optional) or rice and begin to fill the vase. You can also paint your rocks depending on how you want your jewellery stand to look. I suggest using spray paint for this as it will be a lot faster.

Step 3: Once you have your vase filled part way place your branches into the vase and continue to fill it to hold the branches in place

DIY Jewelry Stand

Step 4: Enjoy! You can now place your jewellery on the branches and inside the vase as well

DIY Completed Jewelry Stand


1. I think this DIY would look amazing in a white decorative vase as well. I think the patterns will give it an elegant look and with an opaque vase you can use any type of rocks or even rice to hold up the branches. You can even spray paint old glass jars for this
2. If you decide to use decorative glass pebbles like I did, it’s best to place them in strategically so you don’t end up with large areas of just rocks or just glass pebbles
3. Try to find branches that are not perfectly smooth or have little branches that stick out so you’re jewellery will be nicely separated. As well use a branch length that suits the items you will be placing in your vase later on. Such as taller branches for necklaces etc.

Get Creative!! – J

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