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Completed Bracelets


Another DIY! This week I thought I would do another simple DIY inspired by the David Yurman Spiritual Bead Bracelets. 

David Yurman Spiritual Beads Bracelet

I got this idea the other day when I went shopping with my boyfriend. He loved this bracelet but personally thought it was wayyyyy overpriced for what it was ($1850).

Completed Beaded Bracelets

So instead I thought I would whip out my crafting skills and make one instead. Here are the materials you will need:

Black Matte Beads – I used wood beads
Shiny or Crystallized Accent Beads – I think the Shambala beads work well
Black Elastic String or Regular Black String
Clasp (Optional)
Pliars (Optional)
Clear Nail Polish (Optional)


You can get these materials at your local bead store or at a Michael’s Craft Shop.

1. Measure out a length of string that wraps around your wrist loosely. Make sure to allow extra length to tie a knot and for the bead width.  I personally like doubling the elastic to make it stronger but it isn’t necessary. Also, if you are making this as a gift for a guy an average male wrist is about 8.5 inches

2. Tape the end of the string to a table and string beads on the elastic. Place an accent bead where desired

3. Tie the ends of the elastics together and for extra security you can place of drop of clear nail polish. You can use a square knot for this. Right over left and left over right

Tada! A super simple DIY that makes a great gift. I made a matching couple pair for me and my boyfriend. For his I used all matte beads and one shiny bead and for mine I used all shiny beads and one matte bead. The cost. Less than $10 dollars and I even had enough elastic and beads to make a third 😀

Completed Bracelets

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  1. Love making designer things on a budget! 🙂 This is a great idea! Thanks for posting! 🙂

  2. Really nice jewellery 🙂 Great and so stylish accessories for different sets 🙂

    Kisses for you: theviktoria.blogspot.com

    1. Jennifer says: Reply

      Thank you! It’s super easy to make also! 🙂

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