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  • Bangkok


    This trip was full of early mornings and long sleep inducing bus rides. This time we visited the Floating Market (I think it was the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market). The drive was long but it was nice to sit in a boat and get escorted along the river to the market. The market was composed of a […]

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  • Elephants, Tigers, Ladyboys,…


    The flight to Thailand did not prepare me for the Bangkok heat. Our AirAsia flight was absolutely freezing (I had to put on 2 sweaters) so when we landed the heat truly hit me. Tip: if you ever fly any discount carrier in Asia make sure to pay for baggage beforehand. Paying at check in […]

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    The next day we headed off the the Imperial Palace. Since we arrived after cherry blossom season was over we decided not to go to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. But if you happen to go to Japan during April you’ll likely see pink gardens full of cherry blossoms. At the Imperial Palace we wore our Yukata and took pictures on […]

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    The next day (check out day 1 here) we were exhausted so we headed to Insa-dong again (I forgot to mention this earlier but the day before I had the best macaron ice cream ever). Since my friend and I wanted to try octopus again we passed through Insa-dong so I could purchase a bracelet […]

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    OMG FANGURLLLL TIMEEEEEE. I DON’T THINK YOU CAN COMPREHEND JUST HOW EXCITED I WAS TO GO TO KOREA. After years of watching Korean dramas and listening to K-pop, I finally had the opportunity to visit the country where it all came from. EEEKKKKK. Our first stop was Gyeongbokgung Palace, which was the royal palace during […]

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  • Longqing Gorgeeeee – Bungee Jumping


    On a polluted winter day my friends and I decided to head over to Longqing Gorge for some casual hiking and bungee jumping. As a person that doesn’t plan ahead, my day got off to an early start with one of my friends waking me up to go for breakfast at Bridge Cafe in Wudaokou. However, […]

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  • HAI Hainan


    For Qingming break we had 5 days off so I obviously had to take that opportunity and use it to travel to the tropical province of Hainan. Olalala, get ready for some bikini and speedo pictures. JKJK it wasn’t cutting season yet. No one wants to see that. To get to our resort we flew […]

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  • Xian

    Mount Huashan

    One of the places I had never been to in China was Xi’an. However, I definitely wanted to visit in order to check out the Terracotta Army and Mount Huashan. So I set off with some of my friends at Tsinghua to visit this city. After a short plane ride from Beijing, my gbf and I arrived […]